Bayard Lewis

Technical Writer

Alternative title: Executive of Documenting the Beauty of the World 

He has a passion for technology and visual storytelling: Bayard was born and raised in the beautiful Paradise Valley, MT. In high school, he started to form two distinct interests that would later influence his career path: he started coding HTML and picked up a camera he never wanted to put down. While earning his Bachelor's Degree in Photography from Montana State University in Bozeman, Bayard worked for an e-commerce startup. Shortly after graduating, he realized his dream of being a photojournalist/film set photographer had morphed into something greater - a love of documentary-style wedding videography and commercials.  

He's a builder: Not a builder in the way that a contractor builds, but a builder of websites and businesses. While running a freelance web development business, Bayard built around 30 websites for various clients. It was during his time running this business that Bayard also gained experience screencasting and helping clients onboard with new technologies. He also built - from the ground up - his wedding videography business Eterna Films. 

Why he chose Pulsara:  Bayard was drawn to Pulsara because of our innovative platform that can change and save lives, and his role at Pulsara combines two things he greatly enjoys - writing and technology. 

What he does for fun: Bayard enjoys hiking, singing in a barbershop acapella chorus, and camping around Montana. And he absolutely loves teaching, cinematography, and writing (he used to write movie reviews for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle). 

Favorite Pulsara value: Bayard's favorite Pulsara value, Simplicity, stems from his minimalist lifestyle. He feels that contentment is found creating, spending time with people, and serving others. As Bayard says, "People are better served when technology simplifies their life."

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Bayard on LinkedIn.