Audrey Peart

Marketing Associate

(Q: What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for school? Find the answer at the bottom of this bio.)

Who has two thumbs and broke all the blood vessels in her face during a tire swing incident as a child? You guessed it! Pulsara's very own Marketing Associate, Audrey. Hailing from Belgrade by way of Washington, Texas, and Hawaii, Audrey discovered her love of event planning while attending Full Sail University in Florida. While working on her Bachelor's Degree, she hit the ground running and began to pursue a career in the very field she was studying. Before putting her skills to good use at Pulsara, she was the Bozeman Symphony's Volunteer & Event Coordinator.

A self-described introverted extrovert, Audrey enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen, getting down on the dance floor, watching horror movies (is terrified of the Gremlins and Alf), hitting up the local spots for some live music, hiking, yoga-ing (sticking with the -ing theme), admiring the night sky, attending music festivals, and hanging out with her roommates. She is also positive that she can recite the entire Lion King movie. 

(A: Bison!)

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Audrey on LinkedIn.