Annie Moosavian

Commercial Operations Associate

Alternative Title: VP of Discovering Delicious New Eats

She’s Just Getting Started: Having majored in marketing with an emphasis on sales, Annie graduated - May of 2020, to be exact - with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Dayton (OH). While she spent last summer interning for Henry Schein Dental selling equipment and technology, Pulsara is her first full-time professional job. 

Why She Chose Pulsara: Annie chose Pulsara because we’re not only in the tech industry, we also make a huge impact on healthcare, improve the lives of others, and save lives. Plus, she could tell everyone on the team is very passionate, loves what we do, and are full of energy (it's true!). 

She Likes to Go on Adventures: Annie packed up her car and made the trek from her hometown of Columbus, OH to her new home, Bozeman, MT. She enjoys staying active and is getting to know her new home by running, swimming, hiking, and biking her way around the Gallatin Valley. When she’s not sweating up a storm, Annie enjoys trying new things - be that new experiences, meeting new people, a new restaurant, and different cuisines. 

Favorite Pulsara Value: Grit. To Annie, grit means you are so passionate about something that you are willing to have the patience to reach your end goals no matter how long it takes, and the passion you have will allow you to beat any adversity you might face along the way. Annie believes that grit is a great quality to possess and, in the short time she’s been with Team Pulsara, can see that we all possess grit for our jobs as well as our personal and professional goals.