Anna Larson

Program Director - Strategic Initiatives

Alternative title: Executive Chaos Organizer

Where you'll find her when it's sunny: Paddleboarding and reminiscing about her SoCal roots.

Where you'll find her when it's raining: Cozied up in her Seattle home, where she's lived for the past 20 years. Despite being a California girl at heart, Anna also likes the rain because it helps her get more work done!

How she got here: Anna's background is in social work, where she enjoyed serving those in need and where she honed her problem solving skills, a practice which still benefits her today. In 2009, Anna moved to Resurgent Biomedical Consulting where she served as a Senior Program Manager, helping startups and physician innovators bring their ideas to market and make their visions a reality. As Pulsara's Program Director of Strategic Initiatives, Anna acts as an influencer across projects and programs to ensure they are benefiting each other and aligning with the strategic vision.

Superpower: Anna enjoys strategic, big picture visioning and planning, and is skilled at bringing order to chaos.

Why Anna chose Pulsara: THE PEOPLE (and the product).

Favorite Pulsara value: Servant leadership.

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.