Alex Rueb

Junior Software Engineer in Test 

Alternative Title: Junior Executive of Shredding the Gnar and Playing Guitar 

His Past (Professional) Lives: Alex's career is just beginning. He'll be graduating with his bachelor's degree in Computer Science during the summer of 2020. 

Why He Chose Pulsara: As a kid, Alex spent a lot of time in the hospital; he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 5, but, as he puts it, is all good now! He spends every summer at a camp for child cancer survivors and patients.  Alex has spent his life wanting to contribute to something in the medical field that can actually help people every day. He feels that working with Pulsara is an amazing chance to do just that. 

Where You Can Find Him: Alex enjoys playing guitar. His love for music is evident as he switches from playing heavy metal to country to jazz...he really just loves it all! When the snow begins to fall and the ski hill finally opens, Alex likes shredding the gnar on his snowboard, a winter sport he's been enjoying since he could walk. When he's not on the mountain or playing the guitar, Alex can be found developing games using Unity Game Engine. 

Good to Know: He loves fast cars and there's always some sort of project on his mind that he can spend a lot of time researching.