AJ Christianson

Director, Finance and Accounting

When Andrew John (affectionately known as AJ to the world) was asked to send us his bio, he became the first Pulsara employee to deliver it verbally. Then, during Pulsara's weekly Summer BBQs, AJ was the first employee ever to bring in a salad that wasn't green. Or made of veggies of any kind. In fact, it was the first "Snickers Salad" most of us had ever seen (and fantastically delicious to boot!).

That's why it was no surprise when we learned that AJ approaches the job market a bit ... differently.

Let us explain: most people move to a new place after they’ve been offered a job — but not AJ. Having grown up in Wisconsin and then South Dakota, AJ landed in Portland, OR after he and a few close friends took a 30-day road trip through the Western U.S. He loved Portland so much that he picked a date in the not-too-distant future, moved there on said date, and THEN began his job search, only to land a sweet gig as a Sales Operations and Accounting Analyst at an education software company because he was "really, really good at excel." 

On that same road trip, AJ saw mountains for the very first time in Bozeman. Instantly smitten, he and his friends decided that they would all move to the mountain town by the year 2020.  AJ became the first of the group to take the plunge and make good on his end of the pact! 

Outside of being an accounting genius who’s focused on KPI metrics for SaaS companies (we know … how much cooler can you get?), AJ enjoys "All of the things," but especially skiing, running, biking and listening to any live music he can find ... regardless of the genre. 

So why did AJ choose Pulsara? Because "when we win, we're accomplishing something amazing for others." Not to mention, we're headquartered in Bozeman, so he feels he gets to have his cake (or Snickers Salad?) and eat it too.