Dave Zaiman

Regional Vice President - Northeast

Alternative Title: “Anyone but the Vikings” Football Fan

His Past (Professional) Lives: For over 30 years Dave has been working in healthcare—both as an EMS professional as well as holding several leadership roles in the healthcare technology industry. Based in Minnesota, Dave spent his first 15 years working in the field as an EMT and Paramedic in the Twin Cities metro area for both Allina and Hennepin County Medical Center.

Why He Chose Pulsara: Dave joined Pulsara because he sees it as a leader in the healthcare communications arena. He has always been impressed with Pulsara’s leadership and reputation in the healthcare industry.

What He Does for Fun: When not working, Dave loves spending time with his family—a 20-year-old daughter and three wonderful step-grandchildren with his girlfriend and her family. He also loves taking walks outside with their dog and enjoying the few months in MN when there isn't snow on the ground. He’s also a sports fan and enjoys watching any Wisconsin sports teams—and maybe a few MN teams but not the Vikings!  (Sorry Dale)

Favorite Pulsara Value: Dave relates to all of the core values at Pulsara but Integrity is his favorite—with Servant Leadership a close second. “If you live your life with integrity and treat everyone like you would want to be treated,” says Dave, “you can accomplish anything.”