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Product Overview

What is Pulsara?

In Simplest Terms, Pulsara connects people when seconds matter.

The Pulsara platform is a HIPAA-compliant, secure, easy-to-use app that unites the entire care team—even if they are in different departments or organizations (rural or urban)! By replacing multiple phone calls, radio reports, faxes, and pagers with one unified patient channel, care providers see reduced treatment times, reduced costs, and improve the lives of both patients and caregivers.


DEMO: Daily Use - EMS to ED

Watch this video on how Pulsara is used for Daily Use - EMS to ED. 


DEMO: Incident Management Overview

Watch this video on how Pulsara can be used for Incidents.


Note: Incident Management is available to customers who are covered by a Pulsara MED OPS package.

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IT & Compliance

For more information about Pulsara's commitment to privacy and security and how it maintains HIPAA compliance, as well as IT requirements for implementation, click here.

Implementation Overview

Step 1: Join the Network

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Region-Specific Information

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Configuration & Training Resources

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General Resources

User Invitations Knowledge Base Article

Device Configuration Knowledge Base Article

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Frequently Asked Questions

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