UCHealth Trauma, Critical Care, and EMS Symposium

Date: August 24 - 25
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

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Streamlined Communications for All Patient Types

Whether the patient case starts as a trauma and evolves into a stroke or is a time-sensitive emergency from the start, quick and efficient communication is vital to ensure the best possible patient outcome. Pulsara unites teams on a single patient channel, ensuring they can communicate and access updates as the patient case evolves. 

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Why Attend the Symposium?

The UCHealth Trauma, Critical Care, and EMS Symposium will feature three days of leading-edge presentations from regionally and nationally recognized experts in trauma, critical care, and emergency medicine. 


Why ELSE Should You Attend?

Because Pulsara Will Be There!

Learn how teams across Colorado have leveraged Pulsara to improve patient care, speed time to treatment, and more! 


Watch this live-action retelling of how AMR and UCHealth use Pulsara to support a stroke patient—from the initial 911 call to EMS evaluation and transport to hospital care and case closed. 



UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central streamlined communication between EMS and their trauma team. Within months, the trauma team was receiving earlier notifications, surgeons arrived at the bedside faster, and door-to-CT times for strauma (stroke + trauma) patients improved by 39%.




In this video, learn first-hand how community paramedics and clinicians from Teller county & Woodland Park, CO, are using Pulsara to solve community needs that have never been solved before. 



Clinical leaders in Teller County, CO, are pioneering groundbreaking ways to use telehealth to reach patients. Read the case study to learn how teams:

  • Managed and mitigated COVID-19
  • Provided access for underserved populations
  • Connected patients and paramedics with a physician from the home


Meet the Team!

Who from our team is attending the UCHealth Trauma, Critical Care, and EMS Symposium? Check out our roster below, and stop by Pulsara's booth during the conference!


Cara McCoy

CS Specialist - West