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It's About TIME!


Hey there!

Let's implement Pulsara's Prehospital Alerting Package in your area.

What does that mean?

  • You heard right, we're giving away Pulsara's prehospital alerting software package. Now you can notify the hospital of that incoming STEMI activation or routine medical call - every case type, every time. 

  • This is a COMMUNITY effort between all stakeholders - your EMS system and receiving hospitals. Taking care of the patient is a TEAM effort.

Ready to Simplify Communications?



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Looks great, but … what’s the catch?

No catch. No surprises. No hidden implementation fees. Nothing. You have our word!

You had me at “No Catch.”


Why would Pulsara do that?

It’s simple. Historically, EMS has been overlooked in the healthcare continuum and siloed from the rest of the hospital communications. Inside the hospital, it's even worse. We had to change that. We are in the midst of a communication crisis.

We never know when someone will be critically sick or injured. And every time the team changes, the outcome changes. Some calls go great. Some don't. The major cause of this disparity is the complex mess of old technology — pagers, operators, faxes and handheld radios.

When was the last time you emergently faxed a grocery list or paged a friend that you're running late?

You're right, you don't. So why are we still using these archaic communication devices when time matters most?

I’m ready to help fix the problem!


It's time to standardize.

We need to normalize prehospital, inter-hospital and intra-hospital communication. Why should there be a different process because the patient is in an ambulance or in Room 2?

Communication should be the simplest part of your job.

OK, It’s time!


I’m interested. What’s next?

This is a partnership and there’s some work to be done on both sides. If we want to standardize communication, it takes a commitment from all of us — Pulsara, EMS, and the receiving facility.

We’re offering this to you at no cost. But, it’ll be your responsibility to engage the stakeholders in your community.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk alongside of you throughout the entire process. In an effort to be totally transparent, we've laid out the process for you below. Keep in mind that you will have a Pulsara Expert team walking you through EVERY STEP.

Please, get me set up with

Identify and engage stakeholders

STEP: 1 / 4

Identify & Engage Stakeholders

You may be thinking, “WHY do I need to do this?” Great question. The key is to get as many players on board as possible early in the process.

You’re changing the way healthcare communicates by mirroring how you communicate in other areas of your life (seriously, do you ask your colleagues to hang out during happy hour via 800mhz radio?).

To truly build a regional system of care, the key stakeholder for your EMS system and each receiving hospital needs to follow your lead and join the movement. Once they understand how much time and money they will save with Pulsara, getting them on board is simple!

To help you build your team and share the relevant material with them, use this proven process that keeps you in the driver's seat.

Get your own personal pulsara expert to guide you

STEP: 2 / 4

Get Your Very Own Personal Expert to Guide You

Just like you, we work in TEAMS! That’s why we’re standing by to assign you your very own Pulsara Expert to help you implement the solution.

Matters we’ll clarify together:

  • What the typical implementation process looks like.
  • How Pulsara will configure your system in the backend.
  • Options for implementation and staff training.
  • Other questions you may have.

Enough reading, take me to

Documenting the Pulsara essentials

STEP: 3 / 4

Documenting the Essentials

Do you hate paperwork as much as we do? Below is a summary of the documents we will need to review together. Don’t worry, your Pulsara Expert will walk you through each piece.

Business Associates Agreement

  • Need a BAA? We have one ready to send you.
  • Want to use your own BAA instead? Just send it over so we can take a look!

Order Form

  • Free Prehospital Alerting Package only? Purchasing other hospital packages? This is where you select the solution that best fits your needs.

IT Success

Enough reading, take me to

Pulsara implementation

STEP: 4 / 4


Finally, the fun part! Now that you’ve gotten the preliminary steps out of the way, your Pulsara Expert will introduce you to your Implementation Manager and you'll be off and running.

Along the way, here are some things to know:

1- We realize that in your line of work, time is critical. We are here to help. We offer 24/7/365 support. Just call (877)903-5642 or email us at any time.

2- Just as you have to invest time to set up Pulsara, we will invest in you and your team for the long-term with ongoing training, support, and an amazing user experience you will love.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page or contact us!


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