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What is Pulsara?


In Simplest Terms ...

Pulsara connects people when seconds matter.

The Pulsara platform is an NZHIPC-compliant, secure, easy-to-use app that unites the entire care teams — even if they are in a different department or organisation! By replacing multiple phone calls, radio reports, faxes, and pagers with one unified patient channel, health and telecare providers see reduced treatment times, reduced costs, and improve the lives of both patients and caregivers.

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NZHIPC-Compliant and Secure

We take privacy and security very seriously. Pulsara is SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified and is an approved vendor with many national health systems.

Entire Healthcare Team Communication

Regardless of a clinician's location or organisation, everyone who is part of the care team can communicate on ONE patient channel.

Flexible and Scalable

From the routine transport to a worldwide pandemic, Pulsara easily adapts to fit the ever-changing needs and resources.

Build Teams on the Fly

As the case evolves, easily add resources with a simple tap - even from a different department, hospital or healthcare provider.

Faster Treatment, Lower Costs

Eliminating miscommunication translates to faster treatment times, reduced costs, and improved outcomes for patients.

Award-Winning Support

We walk alongside you every step of the way - from implementation to ongoing support. Think of us as an extension of your team!

Who Uses Pulsara?

Everyone — from ambulance services to urgent care to nursing homes, testing clinics, stroke teams, imaging, registration, standalone EDs, Public Health, and even the NHCC National Health Coordination Centre.

Pulsara is built for any interaction a patient's care team may need along the care journey.

Pulsara's solution is flexible to connect ANY and all members of the care team — regardless of location or organisation.


Why Pulsara?

Pulsara is the only healthcare team communication network and mobile health app which helps facilitate and streamline care coordination across inter-organisational care teams.

No other solution enables healthcare team communication for geographically dispersed providers to assemble and interact in real-time across the care continuum through a single, centralised, and time-stamped source of truth for each case.

Miscommunication in healthcare is a deadly problem that can't be solved by just connecting one part of the care team.



What Does the Data Say?

Pulsara is trusted by leading health systems across the globe. 100% of our clients report better treatment times after using Pulsara. We believe in data-driven results.



30% Improvement in Treatment Times

In Australia, stroke is the largest single cause of adult disability with regards to Neurological Disorders. With Pulsara, Australian clinicians saw a 30% average improvement in stroke treatment times. Download the full infographic here.

Learn how Australia's Latrobe Regional Hospital and Ambulance Victoria collaborated to improve treatment times for their most critical patientsimproving door-to-CT times from an already impressive 22 minutes down to just 7 minutes on average, a 68% reduction in treatment time! Download the case study here.


33 Minute Reduction

in door-to-needle time for stroke patients. See the full research poster here. 

59% Decrease

in average door-to-needle time for stroke patients receiving tPA. Read the case study here.

25% Improvement

in cases meeting < 90-minute D2B goal for heart attacks. Read the case study here.

93% of cases

meet the door-to-needle < 60 minutes goal in stroke care. Read the case study here. 

What do People Say?

From Paramedics to ED Directors to Neuroradiologists, Pulsara is loved throughout the healthcare community.

“It's very user friendly and it definitely makes our job a lot easier.”
Rick Arens, Independence Fire (USA)
“On my first TTM case using Pulsara, I was able to analyse all the activity and create our TTM team from home!”
Director of Cardiovascular Programs
Christy McGregor, MSN, RN
“Pulsara is so beneficial, first and foremost to our patients, and it continues to provide a better environment to foster partnerships.”
Chief Nurse Executive
Vera Hall, St. Elizabeth Healthcare
“Time is critical in these cases and creating teams who are all notified concurrently and respond to assist in the care of these patients is a game-changer for our facility.”
ED Director
Carolyn Cook, RN MBA MNSc, Saint Mary's Regional Health System
“Pulsara integrates what was previously two separate systems [EAS and hospital]. We are now considered part of the continuum of care.”
Division Chief
Cliff Free, Camas-Washougal Fire Department
“Pulsara provides transparency such that I don't necessarily need to be in the hospital to know what is occurring with any individual patient.”
Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology
Dr. Daniel Huddle, UCHealth

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