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Rural healthcare teams face a host of unique challenges and responsibilities—from limited resources and inadequate access to outside specialists to the challenge of providing much-needed patient access and connection to care. Rural providers need communication tools that help them coordinate care, streamline resource allocation, and stay in communication with their patients and other providers.





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"Covington EMS ran a trauma that was a significant tractor-trailer MVC. They could not fly the patient to the trauma center due to fog so they alerted LewisGale Hospital Alleghany that they were bringing the patient to us for stabilization and included an image of the accident scene [via Pulsara]. This picture was truly worth a thousand words as it was a much clearer visual of the scene than a verbal report could have relayed. The combination of the image and other data from EMS's early alert [via Pulsara] to the hospital allowed our ED staff to have all of the appropriate staff and equipment ready by the time the patient arrived. We were then able to focus our efforts on stabilizing the patient until air medical transport to the trauma center was available."
Mary Wilhelm Mary Wilhelm ED Director
HCA LewisGale Hospital Alleghany
"Pulsara was already amazing with STEMI and stroke. You could have just rested on those laurels. We've looked and no other platforms offer what you guys do. It's saving lives."
James Mclaughlin James Mclaughlin Director of Community Paramedicine
Ute Pass Regional Health Service District
“Pulsara is a must have for any and all EMS systems and receiving hospitals. In this era, not having Pulsara is like responding to an emergency call with no equipment at all. Timely communication matters in emergency care and caring—and always will.”
Bill Atkinson Bill Atkinson, Ph.D, MPH, MPA, FACHE, FACPE Hospitals & Health System President & CEO
Guidon Healthcare Consulting, LLC
“Now with Pulsara ... we are able to pre-register the patients, so stroke patients can go directly to CT on arrival.”
Janet May Janet May Stroke Coordinator
Latrobe Regional Hospital
“I've been out, up in the mountains, and not had any radio access. We're either trying to get radio access—or phone access—or have to wait until we get into an area where we do have phone reception. Now, with Pulsara, we can actually just quickly get onto the app, send off the information, and we know that it's going to get to the destination. We have more time to spend caring for our patient now, rather than trying to get through continuously without success.”
Jessica Shepherd Jessica Shepherd Operational Community Engagement Liaison Coordinator
Ambulance Victoria

Experience the Benefits of Connected Rural Teams

Reduce Treatment Times

Miscommunication accounts for 80% of fatal medical errors. Connecting all care team members on the same platform reduces errors and speeds treatment times by an average of 30%.



Remote, Billable Care

Use Pulsara’s video chat and secure messaging features to bill for remote consultations while maintaining positive patient outcomes. (And with the new Telehealth billing laws, these video-based interactions are now reimbursable by Medicare and Medicaid).


Improve Quality of Care

Enable performance data visibility for follow-up QA/QI through Pulsara's NEMSIS-formatted database integration. Your teams can share, collect, standardize, and use case performance data to analyze your system and create process improvements.


Unite Teams

Pulsara connects organizations with ONE source of truth. Inter-organization communication has never been more important. 


Maintain Sustainable Revenue

Recruiting and retaining specialists can be a challenge for rural healthcare. With Pulsara, bridge the gap and keep billable patients local (rather than lose them to larger big-city facilities) by providing real-time, billable access to remote physicians—from urgent referrals, to everyday consultations.


Scale for Any Condition or Event

From the routine transfer to a mass casualty disaster to a pandemic, Pulsara's scalability and flexibility meets the demands of any case and the needs of any team or clinician.  


Improve Patient and Provider Experience

Better, more efficient care means healthier patients and happier clinicians. Reduce burnout and improve job satisfaction by equipping your teams with a solution that makes their job easier, not more complicated. 


Feature-Rich, Equipment-Light

Ditch the archaic technology. Using the same device you already leverage for everything else in life, you can transform healthcare as we know it.

HIPAA Compliant

Privacy and security are Pulsara's #1 priority. We have been vetted by the best and passed with flying colors.

Replace the Radio Report

Eliminate your frustration. Every member downstream has access to the same information. No need to repeat.

Live Video

As well as live audio, image transfer, data sharing, and secure messaging. Communicate your way.

Consult and Transfer

Get an instant consult and request, accept, and monitor transfers SIMPLY.

COVID-19 Response

Manage resources and protect clinicians and patients with Pulsara.

Community Paramedicine

Enable paramedics to practice with an expanded scope with reimbursable telemedicine for CP/MIH and ET3.

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