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Pulsara in Florida

Faster Access to Care, Improved Collaboration, Streamlined Workflows, Enhanced Patient Experience, Community-Wide Impact


The Pulsara infrastructure is being provided by the state at no additional charge to Fire, EMS, Hospitals and Affiliated Healthcare facilities. There are no additional hardware costs as you can utilize smart devices provided by your organization, a web browser or even personal devices.


Daily Use - EMS to ED

Watch this video on how Pulsara is used for Daily Use - EMS to ED. 



Incident Management Overview

Watch this video to see how Pulsara can be used for Incidents.


See Who is on the Network

This map reflects organizations that have signed up. It does not represent live status or organizations that have verbally committed and are working through the sign-up process. 

The map is interactive. Selecting a marker will display entity details.




Join the Network


Step 1:  IT Review (for Healthcare Facilities)

Some facilities require an IT Review before Joining the Network. The following resources can assist with that review:

Step 2:  BAA & Accept Pulsara's Terms of Use
  • A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) establishes a legally-binding relationship between HIPAA-covered entities and business associates to ensure complete protection of PHI. Pulsara's BAA can be found here

  • If you'd prefer Pulsara to sign your BAA or for assistance with the sign-up process, please email


    If you're ready to sign-up, click the button below.



If you're seeking Pulsara application login credentials, please contact your organization's Pulsara administrator for assistance.


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Implementation Overview

Frequently Asked Questions


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