Pulsara FAQs

Release Notes

Customer Support

Pulsara Alerts Explained

How to Acknowledge a New Case -Alerts & Banners (iOS 10+)

Quarterly CX Updates

Marking A Case Invalid

How to Change Your Default (Home) Screen

Activating an Endovascular Stroke Case

How Hospital Staff Start a STEMI Patient Case

How Hospital Staff Start a Stroke Patient Case

Admin Dashboard Tutorial

How to add a hospital administrator.

Here is your Pulsara EMS dashboard tutorial.

Mobile Device Management

What data is stored on my device?

How do I add a template message for my hospital?

How to disable/delete a hospital administrator account.

How do I update my on call status

How do I turn alerts off for a patient?

Pulsara Solution: Functional Performance Criteria

How do I create a general patient case - Apple devices?

Your Pulsara Team - From Sales to Support

What is the Rollover to Page feature?

How To Create a Pulsara User Account Via Signup Link

How To Affiliate a Physician Account With Additional Healthcare Facilities From Admin Dashboard

How do I create a stroke case as an EMS user - Android Devices

How do I create a STEMI as an EMS user - Android Devices?

How do I create a STEMI as an EMS user - Apple Devices?

How do I create a stroke case as an EMS user - Apple Devices?

How do I change my alert sounds if I have an Android Device?

How do I change my alert sounds if I have an Apple Device?

How do I add goals to the in-app bar timers?

How do I add stroke vitals?

How do I change the default Stroke Exclusions Criteria?

How do I reset my password or PIN?

How do I update my Apple device software?

Which web browsers and mobile devices can we use?

How should I select a User Role/Department?

How do I download the Pulsara application on my iPad?

How do I enable location services on my Apple device and now I want to?

What happens if I turn off the location services on my phone?

Can physicians be on call for multiple facilities at the same time?

How do you know if someone has received their alert?

How do you know who's on call?

Can you go back and change the times after the case is over?

Do I receive alerts if my phone is on vibrate?

Can you access patient information from the device?

I'm not receiving my alerts on my iOS device.

I notice some of the data you collect is different from our reporting data, why is that?

In what formats can you export the data from the dashboard?

Now I'm really curious. Can I arrange a demo?

Do you have to purchase both STOP STEMI & STOP STROKE?

How long will it take to implement?

I am interested in Pulsara. What are the next steps to purchase it?

How long will it take to get a return on investment?

Are there any ongoing costs associated with Pulsara?

How much does Pulsara cost?

Who do I contact about any privacy or security questions I have?

Is there a place to document ASA and medications that are given?

Can I take more than one picture of an ECG?

Where are the ECGs stored?

What data is captured?

Can this interface with other QI systems (GWTG, Mission: Lifeline, etc.)?

Is it possible to get aggregate system wide and regional data (across multiple hospital systems)?

How is administrative data accessed?

What happens when somebody doesn't have an app capable phone (as is common in many hospital offices)?

I don't carry my device with me on shift and I don't want to.

How do all the "drop down" fields in the app become populated with critical info like team members and their contact numbers?

Who handles the name/phone number input?

What if you don't have a cell signal?

Will this consume my data plan?

Can you get this on a desktop or Toughbook?

Can I use this on a Blackberry or Windows phone?

Is Pulsara compatible with Android or iOS? What kind of devices can I use?

Do you recommend we purchase iPads or smartphones for our staff?

Do we need to purchase any additional hardware or modems?

Is it possible to activate the wrong hospital?

How will IT be involved in the implementation process?

Where do I go to download the app onto my mobile device?

How much data does Pulsara consume?

Do you have any training available?

Who are your competitors?

There are several hospitals in the area and we're the only ones with the app. Why is that?

What happens if our physicians won't use it?

Will my team/specialists accept this?

What information does EMS have access to?

How are you going to get EMS to use Pulsara?

Can I trust the data integrity?

Why should we switch from our current system?

Can this interface with the EHR (so double documentation is not necessary)?

Will this cause double charting for my staff?

Will this impose more work on staff?

How long will it be before I see a decrease in our times?

Can you put the record in the EMR?

What if we don't have a cath lab, why do we need Pulsara? How will it help us?

How does this app help us with chest pain accreditation? Where do I start?

Is Pulsara HIPAA compliant?

I've never heard of anything like this before. Does it work?

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