More than just replacing the radio report...

From routine transfer to a global pandemic
— ambulance services is now a core, integrated part of the care team.


Ambulance and hospital staff can instantly and seamlessly communicate event-based patient information, including one-tap team notifications, image sharing, audio/video calls, ETA alerts, etc.

Quickly start a case, share important details (like the ECG or images from the field) and receive instant feedback as soon as the case is closed.

Pulsara simplifies workflows, replaces the radio report and enables ambulance services to be a connected part of every patient case.





Improve the Lives of Patients and Caregivers

Reduce Treatment Times

Miscommunication accounts for 80% of fatal medical errors. Connecting all care team members on the same platform reduces errors and speeds treatment times by an average of 30%.



Unite Teams

Pulsara connects organisations with ONE source of truth. Inter-organisation communication has never been more important.




Improve Quality of Care

Enable performance data visibility for follow-up QA/QI through Pulsara's NEMSIS-formatted database integration. Your care teams can share, collect, standardise and use case performance data to analyse your system and create process improvements.



Scale for Any Condition or Event

From routine transfer to a mass casualty disaster to a pandemic, Pulsara's scalability and flexibility meets the demands of any case and the needs of any care team or clinician.


Improve Patient and Provider Experience

Better, more efficient care means healthier patients and happier clinicians. Reduce burnout and improve job satisfaction by equipping your teams with a solution that makes their job easier, not more complicated.


Feature-Rich, Equipment-Light

Ditch the archaic technology. From the same device you already use for everything else in life, you can transform EMS as we know it.

Replace the Radio Report

Eliminate your frustration. Every member downstream has access to the same information. No need to repeat.

ECG Transfer

Included at no cost, you can transmit the ECG to the rest of the care team with a simple tap.

Close the Loop

On every time-sensitive emergency, Pulsara provides instant feedback on patient outcomes.

Consult From Anywhere

Use live video to get a consult from the side of the road, out in the sticks or in an ambulance.

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