Connected Emergency TELEMEDICINE

Manage capacity, track patients, and limit exposure — all from a centralised platform

Facilitate movement and load-balancing of patients, staff, and supplies between healthcare facilities, across regions and entire states, in rural and urban contexts.



Pulsara's MED OPS™ package facilitates dedicated patient communication channels for each case. Connect entire communities (rural and urban) and coordinate care during a multiple patient incident, full-fledged disaster, or worldwide pandemic.






Optimise Patient Distribution and Load-Balance Healthcare Capacity

Coordinate Large-Scale Care through our Emergency Telemedicine platform 

Interact seamlessly and instantly with Emergency Management personnel, Public Hospitals, ER, members of care teams, and even patients themselves with Pulsara’s emergency telemedicine platform. Every update and event is time-stamped, documented and accessible to all authorised members of the patient channel.



UNITE Communication Across all Emirates and Regions

Regardless of where hospitals, Emergency Response crews, and other healthcare organisations are located throughout your region, you can unite communication and facilitate transparency with the tap of a button through Pulsara’s telehealth app.




Mitigate Patient Surge and Manage Transfers

Getting the right patient the right treatment is critical. Pulsara helps achieve those patient safety goals by reducing hospital overwhelming and coordinating the transfer of the sickest patients to the right facilities based on capacity.



Minimise Exposure and Facilitate PPE Preservation

Using our integrated telehealth app, you can replace in-person interactions with secure live video in order to minimise patient and clinician exposure and preserve PPE in times of pandemic.


Feature-Rich, Equipment-Light Emergency Telemedicine

Ditch archaic technology. During a multiple patient incident, Emergency Operations need to scale quickly. Pulsara enables both scalability and flexibility to meet your regions dynamically changing needs through organised emergency management.


With Pulsara, everything is encrypted, secure, cloud-based, and vetted by the nation's largest health organizations. Security is our #1 priority.

Live Audio/Video

Provide "just in time" emergency telemedicine - any where, any time - to manage the pandemic crisis for patient assessment and transportation decisions.


The power of Pulsara’s telehealth app provides Emergency Managers and Public Health the ability to coordinate resources on the fly as system demands change.

Stay in Control

Like Air Traffic Control, Pulsara provides a macroscopic disaster coordination view while maintaining real-time clinician-level interactions.

Built for Reliability

No expensive hardware, low cost IT support, no expensive LAN/WAN network costs, and natively designed to handle the unknown.

Instant Feedback

Pulsara's capability as a communications hub provides instant ability to add necessary regional or statewide resources, facilitating quick problem solving and effective emergency management.


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