Admin 101

Healthcare Facilities


Learning Outcomes

In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Invite and Manage new users
  • Configure custom message templates
  • Configure custom Flowchart Note templates
  • Review Case Details

Manage Users & Cases

Message Templates

When time is of the essence, precious seconds can be saved by utilizing Message Templates in Pulsara. Message Templates can be utilized in patient channel conversations in Pulsara MOBILE or HQ. Click here for the full course.



Flowchart Notes

Flowchart Notes can be created on the fly or from a pre-existing template, within the Pulsara mobile app or Pulsara HQ. This article explains how to create reusable templates to facilitate guided data collection.

Pulsara Knowledge Base

More questions? Visit our Pulsara Knowledge Base to continue your training and become a Pulsara Expert!

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