Of course we think our product is great. In fact, all of us have made personal sacrifices because we believe in it so much. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what others are saying about Pulsara…

“We have been using the STOP STROKE application for the past year to activate all Code Strokes. Before we implemented [Pulsara],we never dreamed of having door-to-needle times of 29 minutes, but now we see times ranging from 29 minutes to 40 minutes frequently. We're impressed with how this platform has transformed the Stroke Program at GSMC Longview and look forward to utilizing it to improve times even more.”

Jennifer Reeves, RN

RN  Stroke Program Coordinator

“My name is Michael Williams. I’m a firefighter/Paramedic instructor that works as a Quality Assurance Coordinator for private ambulance service. We serve 13 counties with 44 MICU ambulances. One of the biggest challenges in my job is collecting outcome data on patients transported to multiple hospitals. I “attempt” to track 100% of STEMI, Stroke and Trauma patients for quality improvement measures. This has proven difficult. Waiting on data from different hospitals and not always receiving the information to close the loop on these cases is far too common. With a simple smartphone, my job of tracking STEMI & Stroke patients has become a lot easier. The STOP STEMI and STOP STROKE applications have centralized the information I need in one location, with an easy-to-navigate administration dashboard. The helpful features include the approval of new users in our system, case dashboard and general stats, as well as a universal clock that everyone on the case will use to measure performance. This makes the reporting much easier. When the application is used, there’s a big difference in moving the patient to the right place with all the right people at their side. BIG difference! This platform works.”

Michael A. Williams, FF/EMT-P

Champion EMS, Clinical QA/QI Coordinator, EMS Coordinator

“We all know that acute care coordination is like a race. Problem is … we’re all running separate races. This is the first time where we are all in the same race. This is a game changer.”

Chuck Skinner

Director of Palestine EMS

“I truly see this, as an ER physician, as our future.” 

Jason Hanley, MD

Medical Director


"This technology puts EMS and hospital clinicians in direct communication. The hospital team knows what to anticipate clinically and is prepared to deliver care when the patient arrives."

Jamee Gatzemeier, RN, BSN, SCRN

Stroke /EMS coordinator


“Time is of the essence for cardiac and stroke patients. This app puts everyone on the same page, synchronising our communication not just to the emergency department but specialists within the hospital as well.”

Grant Hocking

Ambulance Victoria clinical manager 

"If you have a message you need to get out to 10 people you have to make 10 phone calls. [But] with Pulsara,  everyone is on the same page almost instantly as new information becomes available." 

Dr. John Terry

Director of Inpatient Stroke Care


“This single point of instantaneous information speeds communication and creates a team of people all working together to literally beat the clock.” 

Mohanjit Brar, MD 


“We knew that if we could get this system up and running then we would be able to seamlessly tie all of this upstream and downstream communication together and it would benefit everybody. Before, our medics were never sure if the person on the other end of the radio heard what we said correctly or had time to write it down. Now they know that the information they enter into the application can be viewed by everyone treating the patient.”

E. Stein Bronsky, MD 

Chief Medical Director

“Since implementing Pulsara, our case times have dropped dramatically, which eliminates frustrations for the care team and ultimately provides better quality of life for our patients. We’ve been waiting for something like this in healthcare since the invention of the smartphone. It makes no sense that I can track a pizza delivery or an Uber right from my phone, but when it comes to coordinating care, we are still in the dark ages.”

Kayla Roberts, RT(R)(CI) 

Program Manager, Clinical Quality and Innovation, Heart and Vascular Services

"Pulsara is not just an app, it's a logistical enhancement of a very difficult process. Now, instead of delivering care in a series of small, time-consuming steps, it becomes a fluid, parallel process, eliminating costly time drains and providing incredible patient outcomes." 

Peter Antevy, MD 

Medical Director 

"Pulsara has made a tremendous improvement in our times. Both our Door-to-Needle (DTN) and Door-to-Puncture (DTP) times have improved since implementation. 

Wendy Barrilleaux, PT, DPT, NCS

Director of Stroke Services