"It's very user friendly and it definitely makes our job a lot easier."

Rick Arens


"Pulsara allows me to "activate" the cath lab team with just the toggle of a button on my phone, saving time and multiple phone calls or pages."

Dr. Daniel Huddle

Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology

"You offer such great customer service and [it] really shows that you care and understand. We could not have picked a better partner or better people in this!"

Jim Cole

Regional EMS Coordinator

"We have easily shaved off about 15-20 minutes just with the help of [Pulsara].”

Dr. D.P. Suresh


"Prior to this new technology, information was shared through multiple phone calls and pages. Now, with Pulsara, communication is precise, timely and consistent.”

Carolyn Cook, RN MBA MNSc

ED Director

"We just had a consult with another hospital — all the way through to the transfer. It is just a thing of beauty. I love it, and my docs are so much happier!"

Wendy Barrilleaux

Stroke Program Director

"This is a miracle -- [Marc] required 6 stents! Everything and everyone came together like a ballet troupe -- to swoop in and save Marc's life. Without clear and accurate communication, an important piece of information could have been lost along the line -- Pulsara assured that did not happen. Thanks to the whole team!"

Louise Jenkins

Stroke Program Manager

“Pulsara gave us a platform to communicate and to facilitate consistency across 40 EMS agencies. It was so beneficial, first and foremost to our patients, and it continues to provide a better environment to foster partnerships."

Vera Hall

Chief Nurse Executive

“Pulsara gave us the opportunity to see where our downfalls were and provide quality improvement to actually address the issues that were there.”

Mark Price

QA/QI Coordinator

"Recently, one of our STEMI patients was treated with targeted temperature management (TTM). It was my first TTM case using Pulsara, and I was able to analyze all the activity and create our TTM team from home! It was a very easy process, and all the moving parts and team members were on the same page QUICKLY. Our patient started having purposeful movement and was extubated shortly after."

Christy McGregor, MSN, RN

Director of Cardiovascular Programs

"Pulsara provides transparency, allowing for all information to be relayed from anywhere, such that I don't necessarily need to be in the hospital to know what is occurring on any individual patient."

Dr. Daniel Huddle

Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology

“Before, our medics were never sure if the person on the other end of the radio heard what we said correctly or had time to write it down. Now they know that the information they enter into Pulsara can be viewed by everyone treating the patient.”

Stein Bronsky

Medical Director

“I truly see this, as an ER physician, as our future.”

Jason Hanley

Emergency Department Medical Director

“We’re able to open up the application right at the patient’s side, and input pertinent information about their condition, and then with just the touch of a button, everybody gets that notification.”

Nick Romenesko

Staff Development Manager

“If you have a message you need to get out to 10 people you have to make 10 phone calls. With Pulsara, everyone is on the same page almost instantly as new information becomes available.”

Dr. John Terry

Neurologist, Director of Inpatient Stroke Care

"Time is critical in these cases and creating teams who are all notified concurrently and respond to assist in the care of these patients is a game changer for our facility. We are excited with the results we have seen so far."

Carolyn Cook, RN MBA MNSc

ED Director

“Communication is there all the time, You don’t have to worry about getting a missed phone call or the ER thinking we’re ready when we're not. The app helps us notify everyone at the same time what’s going on. It alerts us even before the patient’s here. We can get our room and our table ready for the patient. It’s also eliminating multiple phone calls back and forth to doctors and the ER.”

Abby Werner

Lead CT Tech

"The Pulsara app has allowed for immediate notification of an incoming stroke patient. This allows me and my team to plan accordingly with staffing the angio suite, etc. ultimately speeding time to treatment."

Dr. Daniel Huddle

Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology

“With Pulsara, EMS activates [the stroke team via Pulsara] and we have the entire team ready in the ER, we have all the information we need. We just scan the patient and make a decision. We can tell a lot from the app: if they’re an IV tPA candidate or if we can cancel the stroke early, for example, if the patient resolves en-route to the hospital.”

Wendy Barrilleaux

Stroke Program Director

“Pulsara helps bring us all together and communicate the same message to everybody.”

Kristin Randall

Stroke Program Coordinator

“It integrates what was previously two separate systems [EMS and hospital]. We [EMS] are now considered part of the continuum of care.”

Cliff Free

Division Chief

"Pulsara provides a platform to input and share information about the patient and all pertinent imaging, providing one clear source of accurate information."

Dr. Daniel Huddle

Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology

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