Pulsara + Surgical Emergency 

Instantly Match Surgical Emergency Patients With the Right People & Teams as the Case Evolves

1. Create Patient Channel




2. Build Teams on the Fly




3. Communicate & Track




Connect All Care Teams On A Single Platform

Avoid multiple phone calls, interruptions, and missed information. Instead of coordinating care by playing the telephone game, unite the entire care team on a single dedicated communication and logistics channel.

With Pulsara, surgical teams have the ability to communicate with the rest of their team in real time and coordinate appropriate timing based on ETAs and available services and/or specialists. From transfer center agents and specialty surgeons to house supervisors and surgical technicians, everyone is in the know during the entire patient care journey.


Interfacility Consults, Communication, & Transfers Made Simple

When surgical departments (from rural to urban) need extra guidance or resources, Pulsara is the lifeline of communication across organizations. Clinicians can leverage Pulsara’s telehealth video calling and photo sharing functionality to consult with other clinicians, determine the most appropriate disposition, and guarantee follow-up in the process.

In cases where patients need to be transferred for emergent or specialized care, Pulsara’s surgical emergency patient type helps clinicians find the most appropriate placement while eliminating unnecessary phone calls. With Pulsara, sending and receiving facilities—as well as transporting EMS—are all on the same page, even with ETAs and changes in patient condition during the process.


Flexible & Scalable for Any Situation

Each surgical emergency is different and can require urgent or emergent escalation, new specialists or teams, or even transport to another facility for higher level of care. When routine surgical cases turn into urgent cases that require additional resources, Pulsara enables flexible scalable interactions. Quickly and easily add new teams or resources on the fly like anesthesia, pediatrics, or a new virtual or brick and mortar facility—and critical images, video, and communication tools are always just a tap away.

The best part? It’s simple: Pulsara works as an overlay to your existing processes and technology, configurable to streamline communication and unite distributed teams without interrupting your existing workflows.


Grow Revenue and Reduce Costs

Pulsara's value for surgical emergencies is straightforward. Not only will your system see an improved quality of care and increased staffing efficiencies, but also tangible dollars saved and an opportunity for increased revenue.

Pulsara’s flexibility allows clients to shrink their vendor portfolio by replacing one or many existing technologies. By simplifying the care coordination process you can help prevent system leakage and grow out-of-network referrals. Pulsara can even help eliminate false activations of specialty response teams which not only reduces costs but helps prevent clinician burnout.

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More Features to Love:

Flexible Teams

Create as many teams as your organization needs and add them on the fly as cases and staffing change. For example, a specialty surgeon could go on call for multiple teams, even across organizations!


Flexible Alerting

Multi-phase activation for all patient types: Alert your full surgical (or STEMI, stroke, or trauma, etc) team off the bat, or just start with the ED and add others as the case evolves.


Transparent Scheduling

Schedule your next on and off call times so the entire team has transparency into your schedule. No more alerts when you're supposed to be sleeping or on vacation.


Award-Winning EMS Functionality

Integration with your favorite ECG monitors, EMS-to-EMS or facility handoff, consults with specialists or medical control, and MIH/CP enablement.


Driver's License Scanning

Scan the barcode on any US driver's license and automatically populate the patient's name, age, DOB, and sex into a Pulsara patient channel.


Benchmarks for Reporting, QA, & QI

Measure your performance against key benchmarks and collect the data you need to report and make plans for improvement.


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