Cross Silo Communication and Care Collaboration


Pulsara is a telehealth and communication platform that connects teams across organisations.




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- Michael Drummond, Regional Director - APAC

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Pulsara + Time-Sensitive Emergencies

Leading-Edge Healthcare Webinar

Through interviews and case studies, learn how Australian clinicians and thought leaders are creating a new path forward with Pulsara, a secure, mobile-first telehealth and communication platform.

Watch the full webinar here. 


STEMI Demonstration


Stroke Demonstration

British Medical Journal Real-World Feasibility Study

Titled “Real-world, feasibility study to investigate the use of a multidisciplinary app (Pulsara) to improve prehospital communication and timelines for acute stroke/STEMI care,” the study was conducted in Victoria, Australia with pre-hospital and within-hospital clinical teams. As a first-of-its-kind systematic analysis of Pulsara’s efficacy across the whole patient journey for treatment of stroke and STEMI, the study found that utilization of the platform resulted in significant patient treatment time improvements.






Case Study: Latrobe Regional Hospital

Fill out the form and download the case study to learn how a health system in Australia:

  • Decreased the average door-to-CT time by 68%
  • Achieved a 7-minute average door-to-CT time
  • Provided care teams with one source of truth for every patient type, including COVID-19 and mental health patients

Download Case Study

Infographic: Pulsara + Stroke

Every minute, a stroke patient loses over 2 million brain cells. On average, Pulsara improves stroke treatment times by 30%.

Download these infographics for more information on strokes in your region and how Pulsara can help you save brain tissue, economic cost, and time. 

AUS Infographic

UK Infographic


Pulsara + COVID-19

Pulsara can help you protect clinicians and patients, preserve PPE, limit patient transfers, and remotely connect with patients in medical isolation.

Whatever interactions your team needs to manage COVID-19, Pulsara's secure platform can help.