Improve surge response, Match supply & demand, Save time & resources

In previous COVID-19 surges, did you try to load-balance using SUPPLY side data like bed and resource availability?

If so, did you:

  • Find the system frustrating to use?
  • Still end up making hundreds of phone calls trying to find bed placement?
  • Find that the more urgently you needed reliable supply data, the harder it was to get?

Sound familiar? Well, we've got news for you...



Data alone will not fix the problem.

The solution = data + logistics + communication

Before the next stress event... 

Consider overlaying your system demand-driven solution built atop a robust communication and logistics platform. With Pulsara, you can:

  • Gain full regional visibility into which and how many patients need placement 
  • Display to EMS whether your facility has availability
  • Match COVID-19 patient demand with hospital supply WITHOUT a single phone call

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Improve Surge Response

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