Pulsara MED OPS

Features and Benefits

Pulsara MED OPS connects your community from the Multiple Patient Incident (MPI/MCI), to the full-fledged disaster, to a worldwide pandemic.

Using Pulsara MED OPS, everyone — from EMS to Public Health — has full transparency from the beginning of the event through patient follow-up and reporting. Pulsara effortlessly scales as the situation unfolds. 

Get Started

Pulsara MED OPS is the perfect solution for:

  • State-Based Trauma Systems
  • Centralized Medical Control
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • ESF #8 - Public Health and Medical Services (PHMS)
  • Medical Operations Center
  • Medical Operations Coordination Cells (MOCC)
  • Medical Operations (for entire region) RMOCC
  • Medical Operations (for entire state) SMOCC
  • Medical Operations (for federal) FMOCC