ED Availability

Match supply with demand in a tap.

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ED availability makes ALL teams more efficient.

Read on to understand how.

You saw how Pulsara helps manage demand during COVID surges...

Well now, we can help with the supply side too. ED Availability gives EMS teams insight into which facilities have space and resources to accept the patient, and which ones are on divert. Ultimately, this means faster care for patients.


Efficiency for EMS and Hospital Teams

ED Availability keeps everyone efficient by:

  • Helping to preserve EMS unit utilization hours — Hospital availability will allow your teams to see critical details about a facility’s capability to accept patients. Prior to choosing a destination, these details will allow your team to make a more informed decision.
  • Preventing overwhelmed, understaffed, or otherwise compromised hospitals from gaining even more patients who need critical attention.

What's Your Status?

Once your hospital enables ED Availability, it's very simple to change your status and can be done in a matter of seconds. You'll simply assign someone from your team to keep your status up-to-date to ensure EMS always has the most accurate picture of your availability.

"ED Availability is a game changer. While EMS and Hospital teams will benefit and see major efficiencies from the feature, ultimately it's the patients who win."
Tim Hakamaki
Sr. Vice President of Product, Pulsara

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