Happy Cardiologists, Coordinators

Here's what cardiology teams are saying about us.

"Recently, one of our STEMI patients was treated with targeted temperature management (TTM). It was my first TTM case using Pulsara, and I was able to analyze all the activity and create our TTM team from home! It was a very easy process, and all the moving parts and team members were on the same page QUICKLY. Our patient started having purposeful movement and was extubated shortly after."
Director of Cardiovascular Programs, St. Dominic's
"We have easily shaved off about 15-20 minutes just with the help of [Pulsara].”
Cardiologist, St. Elizabeth Healthcare
"We have utilized Pulsara for STEMI for many years and recently have made the transition to utilizing it for our on-call Surgery team, Stroke, and Trauma. The Pulsara CS team, especially Brittney Nelson and Shane Elmore, made this transition seamless. They are both easy to work with and answer questions immediately and are always happy to assist. Other products we utilize for various things their CS teams are not as readily available and do not answer questions in a timely manner, we are thankful for our great relationship with Pulsara!"
Cardiovascular and Stroke Coordinator
"This is a miracle — [Marc] required 6 stents! Everything and everyone came together like a ballet troupe — to swoop in and save Marc's life. Without clear and accurate communication, an important piece of information could have been lost along the line — Pulsara assured that did not happen. Thanks to the whole team!"
Stroke Program Manager

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