Josh Jordan

Customer Success Manager - South

Riddle: Who is the following quotation attributed to?

"I don't eat Taco Bell, Tuna Fish, Cooked Carrots, or English Peas."

Nope, that's not Erich's elementary school-aged son. Here are a few more hints:

**"My parents hated me, so they gave me 3 first names!!"

**I might be a little OCD on cleaning and household duties

**I prefer to be the cook

**Burnt/crispy bread reminds me of nails on a chalkboard (add that to the "Do not eat" list)

**I have 2 children that are 10 years apart (Laikyn=2, Jayci=12)

**I met my wife, Heather, when she worked in the ER

**Roll Tide!! (No elaboration needed, I will be judged enough by this!!)

**My motto is: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right"

**I serve on the PHI Air Medical Honor Guard (I am 1 of 9 for all of our operations globally)

**I've always wanted to work with Justin Sports Medicine (Rodeo medical team)

**I am fascinated by service dogs, hunting dogs, and law enforcement K-9's.

**For fun, I hunt, fish, play golf, love on my family, help my friends and serve my community. 

Give up? It's Josh Jordan, Pulsara's Client Development Specialist for the East Texas region!

Professionally, Josh began riding on an ambulance in High School and became an EMS dispatcher immediately after because he wasn't old enough to work on the truck. Later, he worked at Trinity Mother Francis as an ER Technician. From there, Josh continued his education in the Fire Service and continued his EMS career as a firefighter/paramedic before going to Police Academy, after which time he became a Reserve Peace Officer when not on a fire truck. In 2014, Josh transferred as a full-time Flight Paramedic who was also responsible for PR/Marketing/Outreach Education.

Whew! His EMS experience is broad, to say the least. Josh joined the Pulsara team because he believes in the difference it can make in the lives across the world!

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Josh on LinkedIn.