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Time-Saving Efficiency

Today’s problems require today’s technology. That’s why Pulsara and Beyond Lucid Technologies (BLT) have teamed up to create their powerful time-saving integration. BLT’s MEDIVIEW charting system—for both 911 and Community Paramedicine—now integrates directly with Pulsara, reducing and streamlining ePCR documentation like never before. The entire patient encounter can be shared with a hospital or health information exchange, in a consumable fashion, in as little as 30 seconds.

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Faster ePCR Documentation

If you’re at a patient’s bedside and focused on complex care, the time savings are even more vital. According to UPRHSD Community Paramedic Lieutenant Ryan Brown, the combined offering of Pulsara plus MEDIVIEW from Beyond Lucid Technologies reduced ePCR documentation time-on-task by two-thirds. Brown called the combination simply “astonishing.”

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Lieutenant Ryan Brown is a Community Paramedic with UPRHSD

Easy Auto-Importing

With the click of a button, data collected in Pulsara can now easily be auto-imported into the MEDIVIEW patient record for use in EMS, Ground & Air Critical Care, Non-Emergency Medical / Interfacility Transport, and Mobile Integrated Health, using both NEMSIS v3.4 and v3.5. Pulsara and BLT customers are the first in their communities—from Colorado to Kansas—to comply with next generation Mobile Medical data standards.

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Powerful Benefits for Fire, EMS, and CP-MIH

The Pulsara-MEDIVIEW integration does more than just save time on your documentation efforts. Utilizing Pulsara and BLT’s MEDIVIEW, the traditional “back of the glove” documentation is replaced with streamlined and real-time data including images, videos, and more. 

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"Better Data Faster" for More Efficient Care

Pulsara's powerful ePCR documentation integration with BLT's MEDIVIEW streamlines data management and frees up precious time and resources. Emergency responder crews benefit from newfound bandwidth to increase morale and foster a more balanced work environment. More time adds up quickly, empowering crews to focus on what keeps their spirits high—caring for patients and keeping healthy those who are most at risk—while ensuring that they have precious time to maintain their own mental and physical well-being.  

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Improving Patient Experiences

“Seeing efficiency in work processes is inspiring because time is the scarcest and most precious mobile medical commodity,” said Jonathon Feit, Co-Founder Chief Executive of Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc. “Integrating MEDIVIEW and Pulsara is a core showcase of our shared commitment to improving patient experiences and facilitating interoperability across the care continuum.”

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Save Time & Resources

Alleviate Frustrations

Improve Patient Care

About Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.

Beyond Lucid Technologies (BLT) develops software to inform Mobile Medical Professionals (Fire & EMS agencies) about patients’ needs even before they arrive on-scene, then empower them to share insights across the care continuum in real-time. BLT patented software is packed with innovations designed to make Fire, Ground & Air Emergency Critical Care, non-emergency medical transportation and Community Paramedicine / Mobile Integrated Health safer, more efficient and more cost-effective — with a special focus on addressing the scourge of substance use disorders, and ensuring critical data like end-of-life wishes are available to emergency responders in real-time.

BLT’s “prehospital pipes” connect the dots for partner-clients across 30 U.S. states (plus Australia and Puerto Rico), with 300+ hospitals on our MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange network. BLT has deployed America’s first state registry of children with special healthcare needs across Oregon. BLT has been called “Silicon Valley’s Emergency Medical Technology Experts.” Winner of the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award for EMS Communications Platform, and awards from EMS World and the Journal of EMS. Our Co-Founder & CEO is a UCSF Digital Health Hall of Fame nominee, and in 2022, the California EMS Authority honored him with a Civilian EMS Award. Online at BeyondLucid.com.



Integration Details

Pulsara is committed to enhancing the customer experience through APIs that help optimize workflows and add functionality. Below are the elements included in this integration.

Patient Demographics
First, Last, DOB, Age, Gender
Med Lists, Ins cards, Scene Pics, Drivers License, Refusal/Consent Forms, etc.
Vitals (discrete data)
BP, Pulse, Resp, etc.
Labs (discrete data)
Glucose, PTT, etc.
Chief Complaint / Narrative
User Documented Clinical Condition
Image of ECG report
Audio Clips
Radio Report, Other Asynchronous Clinical Documentation
Recorded Videos
Download and/or Provide Link to Recording
Flowchart Notes
User Configurable Documentation (templates with import and export codes)


"It’s rare when technology actually works on behalf of the clinicians and their patients. Most of the time, communications and documentation can be unnecessarily cumbersome and cause delays in care. This integration highlights how separate systems can work together for the benefit of both the care provider and the patient."
Darris Clark
VP of Product at Pulsara

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