Baptist Health Neuroscience Symposium

Date: October 27
Location: Little Rock, AR

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Speed Time to Treatment

Stroke cases evolve quicky, and the instant you determine your patient is eligible for thrombolysis or mechanical thrombectomy, you need the power to connect with the neurologist and interventionist in real time — regardless of whether they're at your facility or one across the state. Pulsara helps you build a regional systems of care to achieve the best possible outcomes for your stroke patients. 

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Why Attend the Symposium? 

The Baptist Health Neuroscience Symposium is designed to provide education on evidence-based practice knowledge across the continuum of care. This event is aimed at assisting with education requirements for nurses, physicians, providers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, pharmacists, EMTs, and other healthcare providers who care for the neuroscience patient. 


Why ELSE Should You Attend?

Because Pulsara Will Be There!

While Pulsara unites all care team members within and across organizations for any patient event and every method of arrival, learn more about Pulsara below and stop by our table during the conference to see the platform in action. 


How does Pulsara work in action—when every second counts and patient outcomes are on the line? Watch this live-action retelling of how AMR and UCHealth use Pulsara to support a stroke patient—from the initial 911 call to EMS evaluation and transport to hospital care and case closed. 


Overlake Medical Center partnered with Pulsara to streamline communication for their stroke teams and achieved:

  • 31% decrease in door-to-needle times for tPA patients
  • 24% decrease in door-to-groin puncture for LVO patients
  • 31 min. average door-to-needle time for tPA patients


Meet the Team!

Who from Pulsara is attending the Baptist Health Neuroscience Symposium? Check out our roster below, and stop by Pulsara's table during the conference! 


Josh Jordan

Customer Success Manager