From the mountainous region of Ras Al Khaimah to the Capital City of Abu Dhabi, Pulsara is changing how healthcare communicates using a mobile healthcare system.

Whether at a Level I Trauma Centre, a referring hospital, a nursing home, or a rural physician's office, your ENTIRE care team is connected.


Why Are Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Choosing Pulsara’s healthcare communication platform?

For inter-hospital care teams on the fly, instantly share patient data and communicate via audio/video/chat to create a single source of truth for each case.

Pulsara reduces treatment times, minimizes errors, and simplifies transfers - in turn improving the patient experience.





One Platform, Unlimited Workflows


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Experience the Benefits of a Unified Healthcare Communication Platform


Reduce Treatment Times

According to the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation, “Improved communication among physicians, pharmacists and nurses prevents 85 percent of serious medication errors.”

Connecting all care team members on the Pulsara platform reduces errors and speeds treatment times by an average of 30%.





Collaborative Care

ER, ED staff, specialty physicians, and lab teams need a single, centralised, streamlined, and time-stamped source of truth for each patient to keep everyone synchronised and on task.  

Gone are the days when care teams must be formed solely based on who is available and in the hospital. Unite teams across organisations on ONE source of truth through one streamlined healthcare communication platform.

Inter-organisation communication has never been more important.  


Leverage Networked Communication

Hospitals that use Pulsara create a secure and transparent communication environment for the full care team.

Quickly enable access to real-time data and communication throughout the entire patient journey. 





Scale for any Condition or Event

Our solution is scalable and flexible to handle everything from the routine transfer to a multiple patient incident to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With Pulsara, everything is documented, timestamped, and accessible to all current and future care team members, thereby eliminating communication silos through a single healthcare communication platform.

Improve Patient and Provider Experience

Better, more efficient care means healthier patients and happier clinicians. Reduce burnout and improve job satisfaction by equipping your teams with the mobile healthcare resources they need, when they need them.


Feature-Rich, Equipment-Light

Ditch the archaic technology. Using the same device you already leverage for everything else in life, you can transform healthcare as we know it.

HIPAA Compliant

Since day one, the security of your PHI has always been our top priority.

Live Video

As well as live audio, image transfer, data sharing, and secure messaging. Unified communications provide the flexibility to communicate your way.

ECG Transfer

No more expensive hardware that only works some of the time. Receive and share the ECG instantly

Consult and Transfer

Get an instant consult and request, accept, and monitor transfers SIMPLY.

Data and Benchmarks

Reporting simplified. Pulsara allows you to compare cases and seamlessly timestamp and collect data.

Pandemic Response

Manage resources and protect clinicians while improving patient experience with Pulsara.

“If you have a message you need to get out to 10 people you have to make 10 phone calls. With Pulsara, everyone is on the same page almost instantly as new information becomes available.”
Dr. John Terry
Neurologist and Director of Inpatient Stroke Care, Premier Health Miami Valley Hospital
“Pulsara gave us a platform to communicate and to facilitate consistency across 40 EMS agencies. It was so beneficial, first and foremost to our patients, and it continues to provide a better environment to foster partnerships."
Vera Hall
Chief Nurse Executive, St. Elizabeth Healthcare
"This is a miracle — [Marc] required 6 stents! Everything and everyone came together like a ballet troupe — to swoop in and save Marc's life. Without clear and accurate communication, an important piece of information could have been lost along the line — Pulsara assured that did not happen. Thanks to the whole team!"
Louise Jenkins
Stroke Program Manager, Legacy Health
“With Pulsara, EMS activates and we have the entire team ready in the ER with all the information we need. We can tell a lot from the app: if they’re an IV tPA candidate or if we can cancel the stroke early, for example, if the patient resolves en-route to the hospital.”
Wendy Barrilleaux
Stroke Program Director, St. Dominic's

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