Singing River Stroke Symposium

Date: April 19
Location: Biloxi, MS

Connect with Us in Biloxi!

Improve Patient Outcomes

Stroke cases evolve quickly. If you don't have a process that's effective every time, you are falling below the standard of care. With Pulsara, you can dynamically build your team to include everyone you need, right when you need them, regardless of location, building a regional system of care to achieve the best possible patient outcomes for your stroke patients.

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Why Attend the Summit?

The Singing River Stroke Symposium will consist of educational lecturers and materials on the latest advancements in stroke prevention and awareness. 


Why ELSE Should You Attend?

Because Pulsara Will Be There!

While Pulsara unites all care team members within and across organizations for any patient event and every method of arrival, learn more about Pulsara below and stop by our table during the conference to see the platform in action. 


Watch this live-action retelling of how EMS and hospital teams use Pulsara to support a stroke patient—from the initial 911 call to EMS evaluation and transport to hospital care and case closed. 



Overlake Medical Center partnered with Pulsara to streamline communication for their stroke teams.  Download the case study to learn how teams:

  • Decreased door-to-needle time for tPA patients by 31%
  • Decreased door-to-groin puncture for LVO patients by 24%
  • Achieved an average door-to-needle time for tPA patients by 31 mins.


Meet the Team!

Who from our team is attending the Singing River Stroke Symposium? Check out our roster below, and stop by Pulsara's booth during the conference!


Wes Wood

Manager - Sales

Wes is a former emergency room director and paramedic who loves to match customers with Pulsara.