MS Trauma Symposium

Date: April 23 - 25
Location: Biloxi, MS

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Streamline Communications

Improve Treatment Times and Patient Outcomes

Pulsara enables you to set the trauma level that automatically assigns the right team to help you mobilize the right resources at the right time. Add or remove people, teams, and entities as the case requires.

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Why Attend the Symposium?

The Mississippi Trauma Care Systems Foundation's 2024 Trauma Symposium: Creating Consistent and Coordinated Trauma Care offers trauma center and ambulance service participants the opportunity to assemble as a statewide team in Biloxi, MS. 

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Why ELSE Should You Attend?

Because Pulsara Will Be There!

While Pulsara unites all care team members within and across organizations for any patient event and every method of arrival, learn more about Pulsara + Trauma below and stop by our table during the conference to see the platform in action. 



UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central streamlined communication between EMS and their trauma team, resulting in:

  • Trauma team notified 5-7 minutes faster
  • Decrease in door-to-CT times by 39% for strauma (stroke + trauma)
  • Trauma surgeons at bedside 5.8 minutes faster



Learn how Texas hospital and EMS leaders have reworked their trauma system, improved efficiency, cut down on phone calls to multiple people, streamlined transfers, optimized continuity of care, created shared awareness and accountability, and more. In this leadership roundtable, discover why they created this new system of care, what day-to-day operations look like, and how they are growing it across their organization and region. 

Meet the Team!

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Wes Wood

Manager - Sales

Wes is a former emergency room director and paramedic who loves to match customers with Pulsara.