Hampton Roads Trauma Symposium

Date: April 19
Location: Williamsburg, VA

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Improve Trauma Patient Care

Take control of trauma care and seamlessly configure your teams to fit your patient's needs, streamline communications, and develop a state-of-the-art trauma care system with Pulsara. 

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Why Attend the Symposium?

The Hampton Roads Trauma Symposium will provide insight into the impact of trauma in the community, address medical issues that impact trauma patient care,  discuss issues of trauma care at local and national levels, and identify prevention methods to decrease the incidence of trauma. 


Why ELSE Should You Attend?

Because Pulsara Will Be There!

While Pulsara unites all care team members within and across organizations for any patient event and every method of arrival, learn more about Pulsara below and stop by our table during the conference to see the platform in action. 



UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central streamlined communication between EMS and their trauma team, resulting in:

  • Trauma team notified 5-7 minutes faster
  • Decrease in door-to-CT times by 39% for strauma (stroke + trauma)
  • Trauma surgeons at bedside 5.8 minutes faster



Watch the webinar to learn how Texas hospital and EMS leaders leveraged Pulsara to rework their trauma system to improve efficiency, reduce phone calls to multiple people, streamline transfers, optimize continuity of care, create shared awareness, and more. 

Meet the Team!

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Forrest Winslow

Senior Customer Success Manager