Is there a way to prioritize urgent vs. non-urgent referrals from the hospital side?

By Team Pulsara on Jan 11, 2021

Yes, Pulsara's workflows are built in a configurable manner so there are a few different ways we could prioritize urgent vs. non-urgent referrals with our technology.

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Can Pulsara be used in places with no mobile coverage?

By Team Pulsara on Dec 17, 2020

Yes, connectivity is key for communications. The goal is to be better and more efficient in communications - not just the ambulance service but also the rest of the healthcare staff. 

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Are healthcare workers liable for breach of confidentiality?

By Team Pulsara on Dec 17, 2020

Doctors are not liable for breach of confidentiality. No patient data is stored or cached on mobile devices. Patient data is only stored in a restricted database on the Pulsara Cloud platform with limited access. 

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Do you need a mobile phone signal to use Pulsara?

By Team Pulsara on Dec 17, 2020

Pulsara does need connectivity either through WiFi or cellular data. 

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If the system is not broken, why change it?

By Team Pulsara on Dec 16, 2020

If you have the opportunity to improve the lives of patients and caregivers by using a platform that helps decrease treatment times, minimizes errors, reduces burnout, and simplifies current workflows, wouldn't you use it? 

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Can Pulsara be used in medium and high secure hospitals where smartphones cannot be used?

By Team Pulsara on Dec 16, 2020

While real time communication works best on mobile devices, team communications can also be accomplished in a highly secured manner with the proper controls in place.

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Would our hospital need to overhaul our computer systems to integrate Pulsara?

By Team Pulsara on Dec 16, 2020


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Which web browsers and mobile devices can we use?

By Team Pulsara on Nov 10, 2020

Retro is great for clothes and music, but electronic patient data must be protected. If you don’t see your smart device or web browser listed, it’s a sign that your 2-year contract is probably up and it’s time for that free upgrade.

Last updated: November 10, 2020

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Do you provide any consulting / advisory services with the Pulsara platform?

By Team Pulsara on Jul 20, 2018

Short answer: Yes...
When you purchase Pulsara, you're becoming part of the Internet of Lifesaving People. That means you're not just buying a product, you're getting a true partnership.

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