Mobile Virtual Training Guide

The short guide below will provide best practices and tips for training members of your department to use Pulsara

1. Complete the Pulsara Web-Based Training Curriculum: 
    1. Pulsara MANAGER/admin Training 
      1. This training is for Hospital Admin Users
    2. Pulsara MOBILE Care Team Training Link
    3. Pulsara MOBILE STEMI Team Training Link
    4. Pulsara MOBILE Stroke Training Link

2. Schedule Virtual Training Dates for Pulsara Admins and Super User: 
    1. Best practices: 
      1. Classes are limited to 5-10 Admins/Super Users. Video conference meeting links and agendas will be shared in advance.
      2. Participants must complete web-based training modules and have successfully logged into Pulsara MANAGER, if admin, prior to virtual training. 
    2. Training considerations: 
      1. Class size
      2. Duration (virtual training will last 1 hour)
      3. Department 

3. Prepare your Devices: 
    1. Make sure that the training devices are running on the most current version of the Pulsara App. 
      1. Devices will need to be connected to a secure wireless network.
      2. Or if users will be training on their personal devices, ensure that the Pulsara MOBILE application has been successfully downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

4. Account Setup: 
    1. Send new user provisioning email invite via Pulsara MANAGER Manage Invite tab. 
    2. Guide new users on mobile device set up if using their own device. 
      1. Device Alert Settings for iOS and Android
        1. Enabling critical Alerts for iOS
        2. Android Notification Settings
    3. If you have not set up new users, you can use test user accounts. 

5. Pulsara Virtual Super User Training Agenda:
    1. Welcome and Introductions - (lead by Pulsara Implementation Specialist)
    2. Socialization & Pulsara Virtual Implementation presentation; Edited during Socialization (lead by Pulsara Implementation Specialist)
      1. Highlight - “why and how of Pulsara” – includes facility provided timeline. 
    3. Pulsara MOBILE Demo (lead by Pulsara Implementation Specialist)
      1. Catered to meeting participants
      2. Demo highlights:
        1. Logging in 
        2. Placing self on-call/next on call
        3. Settings
        4. Help
        5. Feedback
        6. Creating a patient case
    4. Walk through of facility workflow (lead by facility leadership)
    5. Super User hands on practice (lead by Pulsara Implementation Specialist AND facility leadership)
      1. Users practice on their own or shared devices walking through a full work-flow.
      2. Highlights: 
        1. Starting a case for all methods of arrival - facility-specific
        2. Information that must be entered prior to selecting the patient type
        3. Acknowledging a case
        4. Confirming team member acknowledgment
        5. Adding a team message/using canned text messaging
        6. High overview of Pulsara Calling and Video
        7. Adding/viewing images
        8. Silencing notifications
        9. Adding team members to a patient case, etc. based on roles and responsibilities
      3. Q & A/feedback time
      4. Meeting wrap up, next steps, timeline 

6. Track Your Training: 
    1. Record who has completed Pulsara training. 
      1. Best practices: Use a sign-in sheet during training/testing to keep track of those who have successfully completed their hands-on training.
7. Ask For Help: 
    1. If you are struggling to get your department trained, reach out and problem solve with your Pulsara Implementation Specialist. We have more resources and tools to help.