Pulsara FAQs

Activating an Endovascular Stroke Case


Once it is determined that there is a suspected LVO, begin the steps to activate the endovascular team. Tap "Not Known" and change to "Yes"


Stroke Team home.pngStroke Interven assign.png

To assign the Stroke Interventionalist, tap "Update" on your team card, then select the white box next to Stroke Interventionalist and tap "Save"

Assign confirm.png

Tap "YES" to confirm assigning the interventionalist

Activate IR.png

To activate the IR Team, slide the toggle next to "Activate IR Team"

IR Ready.png


Once the IR Team is ready, slide the toggle next to "IR Ready" 

Stop Stroke.png

Enter the Puncture time, Device First Pass time, and Reperfusion Score and time.

Tap "Stop Stroke"

Stop Stroke 2.png

After confirming the above times, tap "Stop Case" to end the case










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