A Healthcare Communication and Telehealth App That Connects Teams Across Organizations.





Inter-Organisation Medical Communication

Connected team communication — whether with members of your own organisation or not — has never been more important.

Pulsara is committed to helping your community to step up to meet the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic by offering an NZHIPC-compliant, video-enabled platform that can be accessed with a telehealth app on any smart device for an unlimited number of users.

Implement a medical communications solution with healthcare app features that you will be able to use beyond COVID-19.



How Can Pulsara Help My Community? 


Mitigate Patient Surge


Limit Patient Transfers


Minimise Exposure


Preserve PPE


Outpatient Communication


Choose Your Goals

Regardless of the specific goals your facility holds, Pulsara’s healthcare app features are simple to use and work the same for all interactions.

In the diagram below, each blue box can represent any type of healthcare organisation. Clinicians simply start a dedicated patient channel, add internal teams or a patient as needed, and then either stop the case, or add another provider to consult with or transfer to. That provider can then add unlimited other organisations, teams, and individuals to that patient channel.




Emergency Management

Interfacility Consults and Transfers

Prehospital Notification

Medical Communications within Your Facility

Communication and Telehealth App for Secure Provider-to-Patient Video Calls

Put it all together.

Below is an example of how some of our current health systems are leveraging Pulsara’s communication and telehealth app for COVID-19:



Ready to get started?

Pulsara has a team available to promptly and remotely provide consultations, demonstrations, implementations, trainings, and customer support for Pulsara’s COVID-19 workflows.

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