COVID-19 is Surging Again

Pulsara can help.

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COVID-19 is Surging Again

Pulsara can help.

Simply click the button below which best describes your organization type:


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Load Balance COVID-19

Pulsara is the healthcare communications and logistics platform that unites teams and technologies during dynamic events. HIPAA-compliant and video-enabled, Pulsara can be accessed on any smart device for an unlimited number of users.

See how one metro area used Pulsara to combat the communication inefficiencies highlighted by the pandemic.


A System of Care that Scales

What happens after the pandemic? Don't spend time, money, and resources implementing a system that will only serve you during specific events like COVID-19. With Pulsara, the same system you use for major stress events is also the one you'll use all day, every day for every other patient type, for everything from behavioral health to STEMI to trauma and beyond. 



How Can Pulsara Help My Community? 


Mitigate Patient Surge


Patient Transfers


Minimize Exposure


Preserve Personal Protective Equipment


Outpatient Communication


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Get an Out-of-Hospital Consultation

Rather than transport all of your patients to hospitals that may be at capacity, reduce the risk of infection and save time and resources with a telehealth consultation from anywhere with Pulsara PATIENT.

  • With group video, you can communicate with the patient, a family member, and other clinicians all at the same time.
  • Transport only those patients deemed medically necessary
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Healthcare Facilities

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At Capacity? Find a Bed. Have a Bed? Let Others Know.

When your facility is already at capacity, the last thing you need is to be spending your time making multiple phone calls trying to transfer patients. Alternatively, if you have beds available, it should be simple to share that information with those who need it. With Pulsara, gain instant team awareness into available resources at other facilities, and even track individual patients' transfer statuses.

  • Leverage video calls, photos, messaging, and other multimedia tools to evaluate patients and determine the appropriate disposition.
  • Enable routing through medical control or transfer directly to the receiving hospital.
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Emergency Management

Load Balance Across Regions

Read the Texas EMTF Case Study
Pulsara provides a deliberate and organized approach to matching hospitals needing to transfer COVID-19 patients to hospitals with capability and capacity to treat them. You can also:

  • Leverage live video and messaging for medical control scenarios, transporting only the patients who absolutely need to transport to the hospital.

  • Mitigate and manage patient surge.

  • Limit clinician exposure and preserve personal protective equipment.

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Transfer Centers

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Extend Available Care Across Distributed Networks of Need

Put it all together.

Below is an example of how some regions are currently leveraging Pulsara for COVID-19:



“Pulsara has been a tremendous advancement in our ability to communicate with patients during the COVID pandemic.”
Dr. Matthew Angelidis Dr. Matthew Angelidis ER Physician
UCHealth Memorial Central
“When COVID-19 and the pandemic started, we realized a true need for telehealth within the community. Pulsara really stepped up and said, ‘We’re working on a platform.’ We came together, it worked great, and we were able to roll out a full platform that we were able to go out and provide care directly in patients’ homes.”
Dr. Jeremy DeWall Dr. Jeremy DeWall Emergency Medical Physician
Pike's Peak Regional Hospital
“We made all of our chiefs a destination, and that allowed our field staff and for those medics on the squad to do video-to-video consults to determine [COVID patient management and triage]… The [Pulsara] app is super intuitive and easy to figure out. Once you get one or two things in, you have it.”
Chief James Seek Chief James Seek Assistant Chief of Clinical Services
Montgomery County Hospital District EMS
“Pulsara was really helpful with suspected COVID [and patient triage]… Victoria had quite big [COVID-19] numbers for Australia, and it was really helpful to minimize the risk of having infected patients coming through the ED.”
Janet May Janet May Stroke Coordinator
Latrobe Regional Hospital
“The best way to move forward, regardless of COVID-19, is a system-wide approach to advancing our communication. Everybody struggles with all these different modalities and chain links that can break. We see Pulsara as a holistic system of care that we are planning on expanding through the entire patient base, not just isolated to strokes or heart attacks. We’re already working on that and see that as the vision of our near future.”
Dr. Stein Bronsky Dr. Stein Bronsky Medical Director
Colorado Springs Fire Department/AMR


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