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A Look at Pulsara's Top Content of 2017, as Decided by You!

Hello and Happy New Year from Team Pulsara! 

Today we wanted to take a moment to reflect back on some of our best pieces of original content from the past year. You've spoken, and below are your top 5 favorite pieces: 

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Having a Regional Plan in Place for Cath Lab Activation Improves STEMI Outcomes [New Research]

A recent AHA study looked at STEMI outcomes in facilities that had a regional plan for cath lab activation in place versus those that did not. The results truly highlight s ystems of care at work. 
According to the study, improvements in treatment times corresponded with a significant reduction in mortality (in-hospital death 4.4% to 2.3%; P=0.001) that was not apparent in hospitals not participating in the project during the same time-period.  Congestive heart failure rates also dropped, from 7.4% at baseline to 5.0% at the end of the intervention period (P=0.03).
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Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU from Team Pulsara

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

This year, the team at Pulsara feels more thankful than ever. As the holidays approach, it's natural to look back over the past year and think about where we've come and how we've grown together. 

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Pulsara Version 6.5 Includes New User Notification Options and Increased Editing Abilities for Admins [Press Release]


BOZEMAN, MT -- NOVEMBER 21, 2017 -- Today Pulsara released app version 6.5 to bring extra functionality to users. 

Changes include the following:

More Options for Notification Messages

Users can improve alert usability for high volume hospitals by prefixing patient type (STEMI, Stroke, General) on all alerts, and by providing the option for each hospital to prefix patient initials and/or age and gender to the alert message.

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Pulsara Version 6.4 Delivers No Tricks, Only Treats.

Today Pulsara released version 6.4 of the care coordination platform. The updates are are summarized below: 

EMS Unit and EMS Shift


EMS Unit Numbers

Many customers requested the ability for EMS medics to specify the EMS Unit number for each patient they transport to a hospital. Starting in 6.4, users can configure the list of EMS Units available at your EMS Agency, and medics can select their Unit and associated phone number at the start of their shift.

And now, hospital users can easily see the EMS Unit for each patient and quickly tap the phone button to call the Unit.

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Pulsara Releases App Version 6.3 to Include DOB Feature [Press Release]


BOZEMAN, MT -- SEPTEMBER 19, 2017 -- Today Pulsara announced the release of app version 6.3, which includes the ability for users to quickly and easily add the patient’s DOB to assist in pre-registration of the patient. This saves the Emergency Department time, allowing them to get patients into the operating room sooner if such treatment is required. 

 Additional functionalities included in version 6.3 are as follows. 

Improved Patient User Interface

6.3 features an improved flow so users can more quickly see full patient details — and edit those details if changes are needed:

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PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Sets New Precedent for Emergency Care Using Mobile Technology [Press Release]


PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center is the first hospital on the west coast to use the healthcare communication platform, Pulsara, and the first in the nation to use the company's Prehospital Alerting Package.

BOZEMAN, MT -- SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 -- Stroke is a leading cause of disability and death in the U.S., with close to 800,000 cases each year. The outcome can be devastating, and every delay in care impacts a stroke survivor’s chance at a full recovery. To minimize those delays and make emergency communication more efficient, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington, has partnered with several local EMS services to begin using the healthcare communication platform, Pulsara.

PeaceHealth Southwest is the first hospital on the west coast to use Pulsara for STEMI and stroke communications both with EMS and within the hospital, and the first in the nation to use the company's Prehospital Alerting Package for all EMS-transferred patients.

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10 Things to Know to Improve Pediatric Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Survival in Your Community

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following content originally appeared on as paid content sponsored by Pulsara. Special thanks to our guest blogger, Peter Antevy, MD.

Follow these 10 steps when treating pediatric cardiac arrest to save lives.

Easy problems have easy answers – complex problems require complex answers.  However, in pediatrics, we’ve taken an easy problem and made it unnecessarily complicated. Pediatric resuscitation isn’t that complex (BVM – compressions – Epi), yet over the last 3 decades we’ve been convinced otherwise.  Why? Many have focused on one thing – getting the child’s weight.  We’ve been convinced that a single tool or widget will get us through a difficult pediatric call.  It’s time to change this mentality. 

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Miami Valley Hospital Uses Mobile Technology to "Change the Game for Stroke Treatment."

Pulsara was featured in a news clip and article from Fox 45, a local Miami news station, as a service that could "change the game for stroke treatment." The article pointed out that during medical emergencies, every second matters -- particularly when it comes to stroke. "Time is tissue; brain tissue, that is," stated the authors.

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Pulsara Releases Version 6.2, Debuting 'Flexible Teams' Feature [Press Release]


Bozeman, MT – August 16, 2017  Pulsara announced today the release of software version 6.2. The highlight of the release is the Flexible Teams feature, which allows hospital admins to create, assign and alert unlimited CUSTOM teams. In addition, users can now go on call for custom teams, with the option of being assigned for MULTIPLE hospitals at the same time. "This feature is a big step in our efforts to make Pulsara work for YOU and your unique system," said Erich Hannan, Chief Development Officer.

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