Jeff Eigeman

Vice President - Engineering

As Pulsara’s VP of Engineering, Jeff Eigeman brings over 25 years of unparalleled experience in engineering, consulting, and leadership to the team. 

Prior to Pulsara, Jeff held key leadership and design positions for such prominent companies as AT&T and Oracle and served as President and Co-founder of LegendSoft, Inc. Along the way, he accumulated over 20 years of leadership experience and over 13 years of design experience developing, deploying, and supporting multi-tenant applications in the cloud. Jeff has managed the full life-cycle development of 7 different systems for 6 companies encompassing over 72 major production releases.

Drawing from this breadth of experience, Jeff drives technical excellence across the organization. As VP of Engineering, he leads Pulsara’s efforts in everything from release management and customer support to software engineering development of new and existing products and features—and overall guiding and motivating the product development team to create products that customers love.

Outside of work, Jeff is an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys spending time with his kids on the ball field or wading streams in search of trout, hiking in national parks, or exploring any number of other activities near a lake, river, or the ocean. 

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn.