Casey Gerstle

Senior Software Engineer

Favorite mode of transportation: The bicycle

Uniform of choice: Hoody, sunglasses, board shorts and flip flops

Occupation (besides Senior Software Engineer at Pulsara): Interactive LED and Electronics Artist and Performer (so it's no surprise that he also runs a Burning Man camp which has given away thousands of cups of coffee since 2014!)

Alternate Occupation: Surf bum on the central California coast.

At Pulsara, Casey is focused on backend development and integration projects. With the increased demand from customers and partners to integrate with Pulsara, Casey pulls from wealth of experience in this area.

He joins us from recent stops at a small startup company called Osmosis, and prior to that, Rubicon Project, focused on high-volume APIs and data pipelines processing tens of billions of transactions per day in the ad tech space. Before that experience, Casey was a Senior Technical Architect at RightNow Technologies (acquired by Oracle) where he scoped, designed, built and delivered customizations and integrations to an enterprise CRM solution.

Casey loves working for Pulsara because it offers flexibility, efficiency of a team working well together, smart and capable people using modern technologies, and a product that makes a difference in the world. He says it's the perfect mix and a great reason to go to work!

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Casey on LinkedIn.