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scott-thenIGPulsara eliminates the need for short form radio reports and lets you communicate the right patient information - including videos and images - to the right people.

Want to learn more? Just fill out the short form and Pulsara Client Development Specialist (New York), Scott Then, will be happy to meet with you at the conference! 


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Why Attend the Conference?

The EMS Innovation Conference is an opportunity to network and develop sustainable relationships with EMS agencies and partners from across the Commonwealth and nation. The conference focuses on EMS system innovation and the value of mobile integrated healthcare. 


Why ELSE Should You Attend?

Because Pulsara Will Be There!

It's time to ditch the radios and bring your agency into the 21st century by utilizing a platform that updates the entire care team - everyone from EMS to the ED to the cath lab - instantly.








 How Does Pulsara Work?

Watch the Video to See How Pulsara Helps Coordinate Patient Care

Pulsara's vision for your region is to unite the hospitals and EMS agencies you work with, standardizing protocols and streamlining communications, no matter the patient type or facility.



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